Affirmations & Principles of a Believer

""Use your past as a reference, not as a residence.""


Affirmations & Principles of  a Believer was J.R. McDonald's first publication which came out in 2013. Get Lifted is the most recent publication of J.R. McDonald and please check back soon for what is new on the horizon.

Get Lifted

""A visionary sees what shall be and wakes up to deal with what is."'

Get Lifted

Day 50: Dream Killer

How can you think you can't, before you even try? 

How can you tell someone they cannot, when you don't know the power that the possess?

Why kill your dreams and your life by being your own hater?

Why hate on others because you cannot or you will not dream?




J.R. McDonald ?

Author | Minister | Empowerment Speaker

 J.R. McDonald is deeply committed to the inward growth of others. He is Christ Conscious with a focus on galvanizing urban ministry globally.

J.R. McDonald is a native of Louisiana being a transplant living in the concrete jungle of New York City, he has developed a keen desire to help heal the hurt.

It is through radical vision that he is taking this new generation by storm, as he continues to reach for deeper depths and higher heights in the uplift. His new release Get Lifted is a testament of this purpose filled journey.

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The Get Lifted Book Tour Celebration

Saturday June 23, 2018

2PM - 4PM

Frugal Book Store

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The Get Lifted Book Tour Celebration

Saturday July 21, 2018

9AM - 6PM

Harlem Book Fair


J.R. McDonald Ministries

100 Willoughby St.​​

​New York, New York 11201


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